NorthCoast IoT

What is IoT Off Grid?

A US based company out of New Jersey (IoT Off Grid Canada found here), providing standalone systems for advancing your helium hotspot’s installation. These kits are perfect for both adept and new users, coming with everything you need to get started outdoors or off grid. …

A remote hotspot monitoring tool, making relay troubleshooting a breeze.

What is, how can I use it, and how does it benefit me?

Simply put is helium approved community tool for checking into your hotspots live activity remotely.

This page can be found from the Tools selection on to the left of the search bar.

This free tool can be used by anyone via creating an account either directly through a Gmail account or manually creating one via a…

General network Info/Intro

Roughly 50,000 more helium hotspots (also known as a LoRaWAN Gateway) come online every month adding coverage to the world’s first decentralized wireless blockchain technology. We know this network as Helium “the people’s network”, which grants incentive for consumers deploying on the network in a form of cryptocurrency called $HNT.

50K Hotspots a month? How does this effect my earnings and the rest of the network.

NorthCoast IoT for relay help or for learning courses and consulting services.

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